Some Funny Math Pictures to Make You Laugh

A good sunny Sunday morning to everyone. It’s Sunday, so let’s relax and have fun with these funny math pictures and images. Most of these images are taken from Tumblr and Facebook pages.

1. Who knew that graphs can be so sexy.


2. You’ll probably not laugh at this. That guy is Bill Cosby. Well \cos b if you will. » Read more

The Mathematician’s Clock

The clock below is called the Sheldon Cooper’s clock (I searched for it at Amazon, but the best that I could get is  this math clock). If this clock exists, I really want to buy one.  

I am also confused with 0b. Is it a hexadecimal number or a Greek number?  In hexadecimal, B stands for 11, and in the Greek system, according to one of the comments in the clock’s website, 0 which is actually \theta stands from 2, and b stands for 9, so 2 + 9 = 11. I am not sure how Greek numerations work, so I don’t really know which of the explanations above is correct.

What do you think?