Math and Multimedia turns 7!

Math and Multimedia turns 7 today. I started this blog as a hobby but now it has grown into more than a thousand posts.  Recently, it has been recognized as one of the top 100 math blogs for students and math teachers.

In the past few weeks, you have probably observed that fewer posts were made. This is because I am currently studying (again). I’ll do my best though to post at least once a week.

Future Plans

I have already several posts lined up for the coming weeks but below are some of the changes that you will see soon:

  • More interactive posts (using applets)
  • A shift the focus from middle school mathematics to high school mathematics particularly Precalculus and Calculus
  • GeoGebra Tutorials and Pages updates
  • More apps,  games, and resources

Explore Math and Multimedia

In case you have not explored Math and Multimedia before, you may want to visit the following pages:  Continue reading

GeoGebra Tutorial Updates

For the past two months, I have been slowly updating my GeoGebra tutorials for GeoGebra 5.0. Several of the new updates include the series on GeoGebra Essentials.  The updates of other tutorial series will follow in the next few weeks.

Due the busy schedule and the installation of security features due to recent hacks, I have not posted for almost two weeks. However, this blog has more than 1000 posts, so you have more than enough to read. You might also want to take a look at Math and Multimedia’s 50 most popular posts. You can also to explore the different categories at the top of the page.

Below are some recent posts of Math and Multimedia:

Enjoy reading!

Math and Multimedia got hacked today, twice!

Math and Multimedia got hacked today, not only once but twice. The website was redirected to online website selling medicines and drugs.

I called the hosting service this morning and they got it fixed, only to discover that it was hacked again around 5pm local time. I was able to install a security plugin and I yet have to see if it is effective.

The hacker/malware changes the code of the .htaccess file of WordPress. For those who are familiar with Wordpress blogging, this is easy to troubleshoot. You just copy the .htaccess file from another blog and overwrite the code. However, the long term solution should be to disable access to your .htaccess file. Apparently, mine was vulnerable.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Natural Math’s Course on Multiplication

Dr. Maria Droujkova and Yelena McManaman of Natural Math invite parents, teachers, and math circle leaders to join an open, crowd-funded online course about multiplication activities for kids ages 2-12. Each week there will be five activities to help your kids learn multiplication by exploring patterns and structure. To get your course completion badge, do at least two activities every week. The course starts April 6 and runs for four weeks.

Several hundred participants already signed up. We expect active and diverse discussions about adapting activities to different circumstances, situations, and types of learners.

Back from a long break

I am happy to tell you all that I am back  from a long break and will be posting articles from time to time.  It required me two weeks to get a user ID from my University here in Japan. The user ID will enable me to connect to the University’s network and use the internet.

The content of many recent articles of Math and Multimedia have been relatively higher than the mathematics taken by high school, so I plan to tone down a little bit. Although I want to post undergraduate mathematics in this blog from time to time, the main audience is still high school mathematics students and teachers. Therefore, in the next few weeks, I will be writing tutorials on how to solve word problems, a topic that is requested by a lot of readers since this blog started. Solving word problems will include step by step tutorials and tips on how to solve number problems, age problems, mixture problems, etc.

Aside from problem solving, I am also exploring some software which I will share to you in the next few weeks.  I will also provide tips and tutorials particularly about Open Office Spreadsheet.

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