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Mathematics and Multimedia is nearly five years old. So far, it has more than 1000 articles that hopefully have helped and entertained mathematics teachers, students, and enthusiasts around the world. Out of the 1000+ articles, below are the top 50 posts in terms of the combined number of shares via social media network.

I think that they are really useful based on number of shares, so you might want to check them out.

Math and Multimedia’s 50 Most Popular Posts  

1.) How to Construct a GeoGebra Heart Graph
2.) 7 Extraordinary Mathematicians You Should Know About
3.) 1300 Free K-12 Mathematics Lesson Plans and Activities
4.) 15 Math Pickup Lines to Try This Valentine’s Day
5.) The Mathematician Who Refused 1 Million Dollars
6.) How to Use Latex on Facebook
7.) 6 Technology-Rich Math Blogs By Techie Teachers
8.) 5000 free math, physics, and engineering video tutorials and lectures
9.) How Mathematics is Used In Pixar
10.) 10 Reasons Why Mathematics Teachers Should Blog
11.) The Trigonometric Ratio Hexagon
12.) Math Misconception: Incorrect Real Number System Diagram
13.) Proof that Out of 6 Persons Either 3 are Friends or 3 are Strangers
14.) Aristotle’s Theory on the Mathematics of Rainbows
15.) 10 Math Problems That Look Easy But Immensely Difficult to Solve
16.) The 3 Saddest Mathematics Love Stories
17.) 10 Ways to Think Like a Mathematician
18.) 15 Reasons Why GeoGebra is Successful
19.) Man and Woman Funny Math
20.) The Math Word Problem Series on Number Problems
21.) How to Write Math Symbols in Facebook
22.) Math Words in Filipino
23.) 10 Notable Mathematicians Who Died Young
24.) 7 Amazing Facts About Pascal’s Triangle
25.) 50 Mathematics Quotes by Mathematicians, Philosophers, and Enthusiasts
26.)  Prodigies in Mental Math Calculation Who Stunned the World
27.) The Mathematics of Christmas Wrapping
28.) The Answer is Always 1089
29.) Angle Sum of Polygons in Tessellated Triangles
30.) Fractions with Terminating Decimals
31.) 5 Fascinating Facts About Triangles That Will Surprise You
32.) Fractions with Terminating and Non-Terminating Decimal Representations
33.) The 3 Ancient Construction Problems
34.) A Short Tutorial on How to Use An Abacus
35.) 8 Amazing Mechanical Calculators Before Modern Computers
36.) The Number of Points on Two Line Segments
37.) 7 Hilarious Jokes About Mathematicians
38.) The Proof of the Tangent Half-Angle Formula
39.) Who is the greatest mathematician?
40.) 10 Funny Math Quotes That Will Make You Giggle
41.) Dancing and Mathematics? Really?
42.) Solving Number Problems Using Model Method
43.) Finding the General Formula for the kth Polygonal Number
44.) A Detailed Derivation of the Heron’s Formula
45.) Misconception About Venn Diagrams
46.) Why Finger Multiplication Works
47.) Proof of the Sum of Square Numbers
48.) 5 Misconceptions About Rational Numbers
49.) Mathematics: The Science of Patterns
50.) An Easy Way To Learn The Basic Trigonometric Identities

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