How to Write Math Symbols in Facebook

If you are a Facebook user , you are probably wondering how to create  math symbols on your wall. Well, there are a few symbols that you can create using the Alternate key on your keyboard, below are some of them

Facebook Math Symbols

To create the symbol, just press the ALT key on your keyboard, and then type the numbers on the left column.

224 α
225 ß
226 Γ
227 π
228 Σ
229 σ
230 µ
231 τ
232 Φ
233 Θ
234 Ω
235 δ
237 φ
238 ε
241 ±
246 ÷
248 °
253 ²

Image Credit: The Guardian

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2 thoughts on “How to Write Math Symbols in Facebook

  1. This is a good tip. However, these are keyboard shortcuts that are built into Windows, and can be seen in the Character Map app. You can type these anywhere, not just in Facebook. See? ∩τΩα

    Alternately, if you want more than just these symbols, open that app, and look around to see if your symbol is there. And then just copy and paste to where you want it to go.

    • Thanks Shaun. I actually discovered that it works anywhere while creating the draft for this article. I just forgot to mention it. 🙂

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