Mathematics and Multimedia GeoGebra Step-by-Step Tutorial Series

GeoGebra is a free dynamic mathematics software that can be used to connect algebra, geometry, calculus and other mathematics. It is available in major operating systems particularly Windows,  Mac, and Linux. You can download the software in its official website.

The GeoGebra Tutorial Series is a collection of more than 50 step by step  GeoGebra lessons from beginner to advanced level.  The objective of the tutorials is not only to teach how to use the software, but also to suggest how to  use GeoGebra in teaching and learning mathematics.

Although, it is advisable to follow the tutorial series chronologically, the reader may opt to start on with tutorial of choice since each tutorial is designed to be independent from each other.  


  1. GeoGebra Essentials Series (10 tutorials, all tutorials now in version 4.2)
  2. GeoGebra Basic Geometric Construction Series (10 tutorials, all tutorials now version 4.2)
  3. GeoGebra Intermediate Series (33 tutorials for beginners and intermediate users, first 14 tutorials updated to version 4.2)
  4. GeoGebra Advanced (10 tutorials for advanced users)


  1. GeoGebra Tutorial: Graphs and Sliders Part 2
  2. GeoGebra Tutorial: Graphing Functions using GeoGebra
  3. Can we graph Inequalities in GeoGebra?
  4. New GeoGebra Tutorials
  5. GeoGebra Video Tutorial 1 – Constructing an Equilateral Triangle
  6. GeoGebra Video Tutorial 2 – Constructing a Square
  7. GeoGebra Video Tutorial 3 – Locating the Centroid
  8. GeoGebra Video Tutorial 4 – Creating an Isosceles Triangle
  9. GeoGebra Video Tutorial 5 – Locating the CircumCenter
  10. GeoGebra Video Tutorials 
  11. Free Downloadable GeoGebra Tutorials in PDF
  12. At last! GeoGebra Applets in WordPress blogs!
  13. What is GeoGebra Tube?
  14. What are GeoGebraists?
  15. 15 Reasons Why GeoGebra is Successful
  16. GeoGebra Extra: Properties of Mathematical Objects
  17. Statistics in GeoGebra 4.0


  1. GeoGebra Offical Website
  2. GeoGebra Download Site
  3. GeoGebra Forum
  4. GeoGebra Wiki
  5. The GeoGebra
  6. Miscellaneous Links