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Here are some excellent resources that you can use if you are teaching and learning GeoGebra. Official Web Page

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11 thoughts on “Miscellaneous GeoGebra Links

  1. How do I step through a geogebra project and then have certain things automatically hide as a step?

    Example: after creating drawings running as an animation or as steps. Note I can do everything except hiding drawings as a step.
    step (using step bar in construction protocol)
    draw and label y=x^2 (discuss)
    draw and label y=1/2x^2 (discuss)
    draw and label y=2x^2 (discuss)
    talk about opening of parabola (have 3 basic parabolas)
    Now I would like to hide as a step using the step bar everything except y=x^2 parabola and lable.
    Then I would show shifts on y axis by drawing y=x^2+2 (and so on).

    I realize I can create multiple files….but would prefer to do one.

    then s

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  4. Lots of great links here, but lots of broken ones. I’d love an update that would also include new contributions.

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