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Blogging and Web 2.0

  1. Free tools every math blogger should learn
  2. Top 100 Tools for Learning 2009
  3. Top 100 Tools for Learning for 2011
  4. Top 100 Tools for Learning 2013
  5. How to add a Paypal button to your blog
  6. How to automatically import your blog post to your Facebook wall
  7. How to create a Facebook Page for your blog
  8. The WordPress Blogging Tutorial Series
  9. What are RSS feeds?
  10. How to add a ‘Like us on Facebook’ on your blog
  11. Interactive Mathematics Dictionary for Kids
The Blogging Tutorial Series
  1. Blog Tips 1: Things to do before blogging
  2. Blog Tips 2: Things to do during the early stage of blogging
  3. Blog Tips 3: Blog Structure and Design Tips

Mathematics Technology Integration

  1. Mathematics in Microsoft Office
  2. Using Google Sketchup in Teaching Mathematics
  3. Dynamic Statistics with Gapminder
  4. Wikispaces and GeoGebra
  5. Intersections of Planes with Google Sketchup
  6. Some thoughts on using Wolfram Alpha in teaching math
  7. The Top 10 Ipod Touch Apps to Use in Math
  8. Exploring the Universe with World Wide Telescope
  9. Cleverbot and other talking computers
  10. Wolfram launches computational document format
  11. Calculize — a scripting language for math enthusiasts
  12. 8 Free Online Math Graphing Tools
  13. Quick Graph: A graphing tools for iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touch
  14. Math Plotter Interactive Applets and Materials
  15. Plot Functions with Google Search
  16. 43 Free Online Calculators for Multi-purpose Use
  17. Plot 2d and 3d Graphs and Functions with GraphCalc
  18. Create Polyhedra with Antiprism
  19. 3d Math Applets Galore at Maths.Net
  20. 39 Gorgeous Data Visualization Software
  21. FooPlot: An Easy to Use Online Graphing Tool
  22. Embedding Wolfram Demonstrations
  23. GeoGebra introduces Chrome App
  24. Design your Own Mandelbrot Set
  25. Daum: An Excellent Equation Editor Alternative
  26. How to Generate Colored Latex For Your Blog or Website
  27. Handwrite and Solve Math Equations with Web Equation
  28. Calculate Derivatives and Integrals Online
  29. The Composite Number Tree

Non Math Free Software/Online Applications

  1. Mind Mapping with Freemind
  2. 7 GB of free online storage
  3. Store and publish online for free with Issuu
  4. Store and share your math documents with Scribd
  5. Store, share, and synch with Dropbox
  6. Creating online documents with GoolgeDocs
  7. Create Flipbooks with Youblisher
  8. Record and Share your Presentation using Present.Me
  9. The Code Breaker Game
  10. 50 More tools for learning
  11. Organize your RSS Feeds with Feedly
  12. Google Drive: 5GB of Free Online Storage
  13. Scribblar: A Free Online Multi-user Whiteboard
  14. Gooru: A New Online Learning Site Worth Trying

Resources and References

  1. Ask Natural Math and
  2. The Amazing Mathematics Illuminated
  3. Free Maths Videos at
  4. Free Technology for Teachers
  5. Mind Mapping with Freemind
  6. The Best Free Math Tutorial Website
  7. 8000+ Math, Physics, and Engineering applets
  8. The Love of Learning
  9. The Math Future Wiki
  10. 5000 free math, physics, and engineering videos and tutorials
  11. Hundreds more of Free Ebooks
  12. OpenOffice: A free and excellent alternative to Microsoft Office
  13. Your One-Stop Shop to Mathematical Blogs
  14. Introduction to the Wolfram Education Portal
  15. Free SPSS and Statistics Ebooks
  16. 500 Math EBooks — Downloadable and Free!
  17. Numberphile: Videos About Number Facts and Trivia
  18. Newton’s notebooks, now online
  19. GeoGebraTube: More than 12000 applets and counting
  20. Geometer’s Sketchpad Sketches at Sketch Exchange
  21. TED Videos and Ideas Worth Spreading
  22. Steven Strogatz’s New Math Series in NY Times
  23. GeoGebra Institute of Manila’s New Site

Teaching/Learning Gadgets

  1. 1000+ Free Downloadable Mathematica Demonstrations
  2. Annotating and Zooming with the ZoomIt Software
  3. Applets For Visualizing Isometric and Three Dimensional Views
  4. Building widgets with Wolfram Alpha
  5. Free Mathematics Whiteboard Applet
  6. Free Whiteboard Software
  7. Investigating Polyhedrons with Poly
  8. You know about ebooks, but have you heard of dbook?
  9. Free Online Latex Generator
  10. Graph online with
  11. MandelBulber: A 3D Fractals Software
  12. Sketchometry: A Geometry App To Watch Out For


Audio, Video, and Animation

  1. Screencasting Tutorial:  Making a Math Video Lesson using Camstudio
  2. How to download math videos from Youtube
  3. Screenr: An excellent screencasting website
  4. 279 Math Applets for Teaching and Learning
  5. Video: Japanese Multiplication Algorithm
  6. The Prime Composite Dance
  7. Ted Talk: Robert Lang on the Mathematics and Magic of Origami

Compass and Ruler Tutorials

  1. CaR Tutorial 1 – Constructing an Isosceles Triangle
  2. CaR Tutorial 2 – The Midsegment Theorem

Geometer’s Sketchpad Essentials

  1. Introduction to Geometer’s Sketchpad
  2. GSP Essentials 1 – Locating the triangle’s centroid
  3. GSP Essentials 2 – Constructing a rectangle
  4. GSP Essentials 3 – Constructing an Incircle 
  5. GSP Essentials 4 – The SSS Triangle Congruence
  6. GSP Essentials 5 – Basic Graphing
  7. GSP Essentials 6 – Graphs and Sliders
  8. GSP Essentials 7 – Translating Geometric Objects

Geometer’s Sketchpad Tutorials

  1. Geometer’s Sketchpad Tutorial 1: Constructing an equilateral triangle
  2. Geometer’s Sketchpad Tutorial 2: Constructing a Dancing Triangle
  3. Geometer’s Sketchpad Tutorial 3: Graphs and Sliders
  4. Geometer’s Sketchpad Tutorial 4: Constructing a Square

Geonext Tutorials

  1. Geonext Tutorial 1 – Constructing an Equilateral Triangle
  2. Geonext Tutorial 2 – Constructing a Square

GnuPlot Tutorials

  1. Gnuplot Tutorial 1 – Graph Basics

Google Sketchup

  1. Enhancing your Geometric Drawing using Google Sketchup
  2. Using Google Sketchup in Teaching Mathematics
  3. Intersections of Planes with Google Sketchup

Graphing Software Tutorials

  1. Plotting with Ivan Johansen’s Graph Software

Math iPad Apps for Teachers and Students

  1. iPad App for Students: Math Terms

Latex Tutorial

  1. Latex Tutorial 1: How to embed Latex in blogs and forums
  2. Latex Tutorial 2: Commonly used Latex Commands
  3. How to write math equations (integrate Latex) in Blogger/Blogspot
  4. Using Latex in Gmail
  5. Latex in Blogger: Another Alternative
  6. Create Latex Documents with Lyx

Maxima Tutorials

  1. Maxima Tutorial 1: Numerical Computations
  2. Maxima Tutorial 2: Algebraic Manipulation and Graphing
  3. Maxima Tutorial 3: Trigonometric Functions and Calculus

Microsoft Excel Tutorials

  1. Graphs, Equations and Tables in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Mathematics

  1. Microsoft Mathematics Tutorial 1 – The User Interface
  2. Microsoft Mathematics Tutorial 2 – Performing Numerical Computations
  3. Microsoft Mathematics Tutorial 3 – Equations and Inequalities
  4. Microsoft Mathematics Tutorial 4 – Plotting 2D, 3D, and Polar Graphs
  5. Microsoft Mathematics Tutorial 5 – Using the Triangle Solver
  6. Microsoft Mathematics Tutorial 6 – The Unit Converter
  7. Microsoft Mathematics Tutorial 7 – The Ink Input

Microsoft Powerpoint Tutorials

  1. Drawing Stunning Diagrams using Microsoft PowerPoint Part I

OpenOffice Calc

  1. The OpenOffice Calc Tutorial Series
  2. Tutorial 1: The Calc Environment
  3. Tutorial 2: Basic Data Entry, Editing, and Computation


  1. How to add a ‘Follow Me on Twitter Button’ to your blog

Wingeom Tutorials

  1. Wingeom Tutorial 1 – The Midline Theorem
  2. Wingeom Tutorial 2 – Constructing an Equilateral Triangle
Winmat Tutorials
Wolfram Alpha & Wolfram Demonstrations
WordPress Tutorial Series

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