WordPress Blogging Tutorial 5 – Embedding Videos and More

In tutorial 2, we have discussed how to insert image in you WordPress blog, and in tutorial 4, we have discussed how to link texts to other files on the internet.  In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to embed videos in our WordPress blog.

In inserting a video, we are going to use Khan Academy’s video on Introduction to Logarithm in Youtube. To insert the video to your document, do the following:


  1. In your New Post/Edit Post window, click the Add Video button from the toolbar to display the Add Video dialog box.
  2. In the Add Video dialog box, select the From URL tab.
  3. Copy the Youtube URL (web address) of the video that you want to insert and paste it in the URL text box of the Add Video dialog box.
  4. Click the Insert to Post button to insert the video.
If we are too lazy to do the steps, just type after pasting, and you are done.

Notice that in the Add Video dialog box, there are also instructions on how to insert videos from Google and DailyMotion. The output of our tutorial is like the embedded video shown below.

The output of the tutorial is  the embedded video shown below.

Now, save your file and preview your inserted video.

Exercise: It should not be hard by now for you discover how to insert audio files such as MP3. The process is just similar, you can just select the Add Audio button from the toolbar and follow the instructions.  This includes Add Audio, Add Media, Add Poll, and Add a custom form.



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