Math and Multimedia turns 7!

Math and Multimedia turns 7 today. I started this blog as a hobby but now it has grown into more than a thousand posts.  Recently, it has been recognized as one of the top 100 math blogs for students and math teachers.

In the past few weeks, you have probably observed that fewer posts were made. This is because I am currently studying (again). I’ll do my best though to post at least once a week.

Future Plans

I have already several posts lined up for the coming weeks but below are some of the changes that you will see soon:

  • More interactive posts (using applets)
  • A shift the focus from middle school mathematics to high school mathematics particularly Precalculus and Calculus
  • GeoGebra Tutorials and Pages updates
  • More apps,  games, and resources

Explore Math and Multimedia

In case you have not explored Math and Multimedia before, you may want to visit the following pages:  Continue reading…


Book of Proof: A Very Good Introductory Book to Mathematical Proofs

Two weeks ago, I finished reading Book of Proof  (link goes to Amazon) by Professor Richard Hammack, and so far, it was the best book that I have read about introduction to mathematical proofs. I recommend this book to high school students who are interested in pursuing a mathematics degree, to college students who are math majors, and to teachers who will teach or who are teaching an introductory course on mathematical proofs. Here are some of the reasons why I really like this book.

Clear Explanations

The explanations of concepts in this book are very clear and the concepts are well-connected. Maybe this is because the author’s long experience in teaching this course (or maybe he is just a very good teacher). This book is a product of the author’s lecture notes on teaching mathematical proofs for the past 14 years.  Continue reading…


Free Peer-Reviewed Math Ebooks from OpenStax

If you are looking for free math resources, I found a website that offers peer-reviewed math ebooks for college and AP Courses. This website is OpenStax which is based in Rice University and supported by several foundations. Below are the links to the math ebooks.

Aside from the math ebooks on Science, Social Science, Humanities, and AP Courses are available on the website.

For more free resources, you can visit Math and Multimedia’s All for Free page.

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