The Explanation to the Infinite Chocolate Bar Trick

Last week, I posted about the video shown below, a method that allows you to create infinite chocolate. Watch again the video and observe closely where the extra chocolate came from.

After watching this video, watch the following video which discusses the secret behind the trick.

You can explore the GeoGebra applet shown in the second video here.

5 Cool Math Calculations You Can Do with Google Search

Search engines are used to search things on the internet. But did you know that aside from searching stuff, you can also do other things using search engines?

Google, probably the most famous search engine today, has made significant changes in it search box. Now, math calculations can be performed by directly typing mathematical expressions in its search box. Below are some of the calculations that you can do with Google search.

1.) Perform Basic Math Calculations

Google search allows you to perform basic calculations. Basic doesn’t just mean the four fundamental operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). It also includes exponentiation and modulo division. Not only that, Google search can also perform calculation using words (e.g. divide pi by 2).  Continue reading

How to Create Infinite Chocolate Bars

What would you do if you have a chocolate where you can create infinite chocolate bars from it?

Watch the video below and see if you can explain where did the small bar of chocolate came from. I will discuss the answer in the next post. For now, enjoy thinking while eating your chocolate.

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