TED Video Lecture: The Mathematics of Love

Mathematics has evolved so much that is found everywhere, even in love. In this talk, mathematician Hannah Fry shows patterns in how we look for that special, and gives three tips on how do we find the love of our life.

Although I have some questions (like how do you know how you past 37%  of the number of women you date), most part of  the talk was very interesting. For instance, being good looking in a dating website does not really imply being popular.

Watch the video and be amazed of how mathematics can be used to interpret behavior in finding love and handling relationship.

I hope this video will help the people out there who are still looking for the love of their life. 😉


ATM PIN Theft and the Mathematics of Systematic Guessing

The video below describes how an infrared device on iPhones can be used to steal Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) on ATM cards and credit cards. It is important that you watch this video because it also contains instructions on how to prevent theft.

What I am going to discuss post is how mathematics will be used on guessing the PINs systematically. This is not to encourage stealing, but to inform everyone that it can be done — so be careful.  In addition, there are machines nowadays that could copy cards, so once your card has been copied without you knowing it, the thief can have all the time in the world to guess your PIN. Please watch the video before continuing reading.  Continue reading

Similarity and Architecture

We often compare and contrast things around us.  Brand X is better than Brand Y, Actress 1 is more beautiful than Actress 2, Usain Bolt is a faster runner compared to most athletes.

We are also fond of people or things with similarities. We are keen in observing people who look alike, we have a habit of collecting similar things of different colors (or sizes), and we even collect gadgets from a single manufacturer.


Similar things are everywhere. There are cartoon characters that are similar in some ways.  Those who do not recognize them would mistake them as family despite their different origins.  Buu and Patrick, for example, are like “uncles”, yet Buu was a violent alien, while Patrick has always been an amiable and friendly Starfish.
Continue reading

Ratio, Proportion, and YouTube Embedding

Sometimes, you will really appreciate if you are mathematically inclined. Knowing basic mathematics is a great advantage in many things – sometimes even in the simplest of things.

Happy Girl Hopscotch in Strawberry Free Creative Commons

All of us use mathematics in everyday life, but most of the time, only we who are mathematically inclined appreciate it. For example, I use math when I embed Youtube videos in my blogs; I have to customize the embed dimensions depending on the size of the blog page. A sample Youtube embed code is shown below. Continue reading

Gambling Mathematics: Why Will The Casino Win in the Long Run

Gambling in a casino and winning once or twice might hook you, but if you play often, there is a very small chance that you would win. Why? Because the games are mathematically designed for the casino to win.

To make it simple, let us use a simple die game for our discussion.  Two dice are rolled. If the sums of the number of dots are 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, and 12, the player wins. If the sums are 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, the house (the casino) wins. Continue reading

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