Ted Talk: Robert Lang on the Mathematics and Magic of Origami

In the previous post, I have shared to you sites about origami or paper folding.  Aside from these resources, I have also posted several examples of using it in the classroom. Several of these examples are introduction to the notion of proof, and getting the square root and cube root of a number. In addition, I have also shared a video using mathematics of origami to fold  gift wraps minimizing wastage.

Rober Lang: Origami Artist

But origami is a lot more than the things you have read above. Today, the art is already used as a model for airbags and telescope in space. There is even a research for  using it in devices that will be used in heart surgery. 

To know more about these advancements, watch Robert Lang’s  video below and be amazed how this 17th century art is used in science and mathematics.

Robert Lang is one of the best origamists of the modern times. He uses mathematics and engineering principles to fold intricate origami designs.

Image Credit: Wikipedia Under Creative Commons

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