14 Useful Sites on Paper Folding Instructions and Origami Tutorials

Origami is the art of paper folding which originated in Japan in the 17th century. It  is now very popular even outside Japan. The term comes from the Japanese word ori meaning “folding” and gami (kami) meaning “paper.”

origami tutorials

There is a rich connection between origami and mathematics (read Origamics: Mathematical Explorations Through Paper Folding). Learning the art could be fun and rewarding at the same time. For teachers, it is one of the ways of integrating practical work in teaching mathematics. 

If you want to learn about origami, the sites below contain general information about origami and other paper folding techniques including kirigami. 

1. Origami Fun – A site for newbies in origami. My favorite page in this site is the origami tutorials in downloadable PDF as well as the Origami for Kids page.

2. Origami Instructions – Contains more than 300 step by step  tutorials with images and some with videos.

3. Origami Resource Center – A comprehensive origami site. The free instructions page contains several paper folding tutorials.  The origami dinosaurs page contains numerous dinosaurs origami. The sites also contains articles and tutorials on fabric folding, teabag folding, iris folding, and quilling.

4. Origami Google Site – A collection of 172 origami designs with links to step by step instructions and some videos. The site also provides the level of difficulty so readers will know where to exactly begin.

5. Origami Video – contains a collection of origami tutorial videos from Youtube.  The collection is divided into animals, birds, flowers, objects, geometric, and kirigami.

6. OrigamiTube – a collection of 388 origami tutorials and counting.

7. Origami with Rachel Katz – A site about origami. Contains simple paper folding tutorials for beginner and a few advanced origami tutorials.

8. Origami Nut – a collection of mostly intermediate and hard origami. The collection includes starts, boxes, diagrams, strip origami and more.

9. PaperFolding.com – A collection of origami resources. Contains tutorials and articles as well as links relating origami to mathematics. The site has a gallery on origami on dinosaurs and insects as well as paper aeroplanes.

10. Gilad’s Origami Page – a collection of mostly animal origami. It contains mammal, reptiles, fish, arachnids, and even dinosaur paper folding.

11. Origami.org.uk – Animated paper folding tutorials and origami animations.

12. British Origami Society – Contains origami puzzles, fun, and cartoons step by step paper folding tutorials. You might also want to explore the articles on the history, philosophy and the mathematics of origami.

13. Geometry Junkyard  – Links to useful origami resources on the internet.

14. Wholemovement – a site dedicated to folding circles.

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