The Mathematics of Christmas Wrapping

Last year, I shared to you a Christmas song titled the 12 days of Christmaths. Today, I’m going to share to you something more mathematical and a more surprising link between Christmas and mathematics: the mathematics of gift wrapping.

How do you wrap a gift with minimal wastage? Mathematician Sarah Santos has answered the question using the concept of nets and surface area in the video below.

Have a happy holidays and I hope that you have not wrap your gifts yet. Otherwise, you have to do it next year.

Merry Christmas!

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16 thoughts on “The Mathematics of Christmas Wrapping

  1. This is really a time and money saver on how to wrap gifts. I’m really amazed how maths can really do things easier and cheaper in everything that we do! Merry Christmas!

  2. wow that is indeed a good foundation of thinking and saving gift wrappers!! Math always have the answer eh? Great idea! She’s a genius!! xx

  3. Wow! The tutorial is really cool and indeed practical. I was just wondering if I could do it perfectly too since I’m hating Math forever, hehe.

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