Mind Mapping with Freemind

If you are looking for a mind  mapping software, you may want to take a look at Joerg Mueller’s  FreeMind, a mind-mapping software written in Java.

Although I am not really familiar with other mind-mapping software, I think Freemind is more than enough for simple concept maps such as the one shown below.

The sample mind map above is a draft mind map of the structure of Mathematics and Multimedia done in Freemind.

Freemind is a freeware – meaning it fully functional does not require any activation key, serial number or payment. Its latest version can be downloaded here.

Have fun mapping!

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6 thoughts on “Mind Mapping with Freemind

  1. Here’s more material on mind maps, math and problem solving.

    – mind maps and math problem solving:

    – a video on mind maps and problem solving:

    – some ideas on using FreeMind for problem solving:

    – Have a look at Freeplane, a free and Open Source mind mapping software, derived from FreeMind, with a much larger scope of useful features and currently under a much more active development.

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