How to create a Facebook page for your blog

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most famous or probably the most famous social networking site, so we will take advantage of its popularity to promote our blog.  One easy way to promote a blog is through a Facebook Page.  Many of Math and Multimedia’s followers use its Facebook Page to check for updates.

Since creating a Facebook Page is very easy, we will create one for your blog. However, before following the tutorial below, be sure that you have a Facebook account.

Steps in Creating a Facebook Page

1.) Go to (be sure you are not logged in).

2.) Click the Create a Page link in the Create a Page for celebrity, band, or business text. This will take you to the Create Page web page.

3.) Choose Cause or community, and then type your blog’s name as shown below, select the I Agree Facebook Pages terms button after reading it and then click the Get started button.

4.) You will be prompted by a Security Check dialog box, and will ask you to type the written word. Type the written word and click Submit button. This will take you to the Create a Facebook account page window as shown below.

5.) In the Create a Facebook account page, select I already have a Facebook account option, and then login to your account. This will take you to to your Facebook Page, and you are done. 

What to do next?

  1. Update your category to Websites and blogs, and then choose your blog category.
  2. Like your Facebook page. This will enable you to manage it.
  3. Add an image to your Facebook page ( a logo or a print screen of your blog probably).
  4. Tell your friends to Like it.
Now, every time you post an article, you can use Facebook page to inform your followers. In the near future, we will learn how to automatically post your blog articles to your Facebook page’s wall. So, just keep posted.   

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