Daum: An Excellent Equation Editor Alternative

If you are working with lots of equations  and you are looking for a Latex, MS or Open Office Equation Editor alternative, you may want to check out the Daum Equation Editor.

daum equation editor

Daum Equation is a free Google Chrome app WYSIWYG equation editor. The application generates tex code that you can save and reuse later, and the mathematical expressions created can also be saved as pictures. In addition, Daum supports text input, task history, as well as copy and paste.  Watch the (voiceless?) video below to see how it works. 

For those who are new to Chrome apps, just launch the application from the link above. After installing the app, you can view the app in your Google Chrome browser.

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9 thoughts on “Daum: An Excellent Equation Editor Alternative

  1. Glad to see this Daum Equation editor here.
    Daum equation editor can be a good choice if you need some simple equations from time to time, whether you are familiar with LaTeX or not. They also have a Mac version from Mac App Store.
    If you need a full featured equation editor, MathMagic Lite (free version, available for Mac OS X only at the moment) can be a good choice. Or, MathMagic Personal (for both Mac, Windows) can be used for quite a while for free during its trial period.
    Interestingly, they both are developed by Korean developers.
    MathType or MS Word bundled Equation Editor can also be a choice if you already have one.

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