Daum: An Excellent Equation Editor Alternative

If you are working with lots of equations  and you are looking for a Latex, MS or Open Office Equation Editor alternative, you may want to check out the Daum Equation Editor.

daum equation editor

Daum Equation is a free Google Chrome app WYSIWYG equation editor. The application generates tex code that you can save and reuse later, and the mathematical expressions created can also be saved as pictures. In addition, Daum supports text input, task history, as well as copy and paste.  Watch the (voiceless?) video below to see how it works.  » Read more

Free Online Latex Generator

If you are doing a lot of Latex coding (writing math equations on the web), you may want to check out CodeCogs.com , an excellent WYSIWYG online Latex editor and generator. In CodeCogs, you can write mathematical symbols by simply clicking on symbol buttons, and the Latex code is automatically generated. Codecogs supports colored Latex, multiple fonts and font sizes as well as transparent and colored backgrounds.

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The site  also provides embed codes for HTML, URL , TiddlyWiki, WordPress, and phpBB.

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