At last! GeoGebra Applets in WordPress blogs!

Micky Bullock of the Secret Garden of Maths has created an tutorial on how to embed GeoGebra applets in hosted WordPress blogs (as of yet, GeoGebra applets do not still work in blogs) . And the applet below shows that it really works (big smile).

[iframe 461 312]

I am planning to create a simpler tutorial about it next week, with Micky’s permission, of course.

Thank you Micky!

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6 thoughts on “At last! GeoGebra Applets in WordPress blogs!

  1. I don’t see the applet, just a blank space with the word “GeoGebra”. Do I need to install some type of app or software in order to see it? Also, I’m running Ubuntu; does that matter?


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