1300 Free K-12 Mathematics Lesson Plans and Activities

Happy Thanksgiving day to all my American readers. Today, I share to you more than 1300 lesson plans and activities in K-12 mathematics.  Please do not forget to share to your colleagues.

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Lesson Plans

1. NCTM Illuminatons

NCTM Illuminations contains 607 lessons plans and 108 activities ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 12.  The lessons are divided into Numbers and Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Data Analysis and Probability. The site also includes interactive applets.

2. Annenberg Media

Annenberg Media offers 9 Big topics in mathematics containing 107 lessons.  The site also contains videos of teachers and educators using the lessons in their class and sharing about their experiences about the lessons.

3. Math Forum @ Drexel

Math Forum of Drexel University has a link list of 88 lesson plans. The lessons (links) points to different websites.

4.  NASA Math Lesson Plans

NASA contains at least 158 lesson plans and activities in mathematics. Most of the activities as you would have guessed relate physics, astronomy, and mathematics

5. Lesson Planet

Lesson Planet contains  100 lesson plans in K-12 mathematics. I have not browse this site much, but the lessons are rated by the teachers, so you will have a good idea which lesson plans to download.

6. MCRel

MCrel contains 39 lessons from K-12 mathematics. Most of the lesson plans are for Grades 1-6.


Contains 108 lesson plans divided into number and operations,  algebra, Geometry, Measurement and Data and Probability. It is maintained by the Office for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education, University of Illinois.


Photo Credit (Creative Commons):  www.audio-luci-store.it via Flickr.

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11 thoughts on “1300 Free K-12 Mathematics Lesson Plans and Activities

  1. Wow. I am not familiar with any of the sites you mentioned here. I wonder do you usually visit these sites for your own lessons or are you subscribed to all of them?

    When I teach for SPED and homeschool, I usually tailor-fit my lessons based on the need of the child. But sometimes even my creative juices run out and I look at educational sites like this to look for inspiration on what I can do in my own classroom.

    What I particularly like is the free downloadable worksheets available for teachers. I really appreciate the teachers who generously shared their time and effort to share their materials to everyone. I hope we have something like this for teachers here in the Philippines.

  2. Thanks sir for these websites! Although my teaching audience is a bit older (college kids, actually), I share Teacher Ia’s sentiments on the free downloadable worksheets. I try to ask my OT students, to acquire relevant worksheets which they can modify or reproduce. These worksheets would be of great help in our Pediatric OT class, as well in our other subjects on Cognitive Rehabilitation. I look forward to the day when the next worksheet i download comes from you or Teacher Ia’s. 😀

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