Math and Multimedia turns 7!

Math and Multimedia turns 7 today. I started this blog as a hobby but now it has grown into more than a thousand posts.  Recently, it has been recognized as one of the top 100 math blogs for students and math teachers.

In the past few weeks, you have probably observed that fewer posts were made. This is because I am currently studying (again). I’ll do my best though to post at least once a week.

Future Plans

I have already several posts lined up for the coming weeks but below are some of the changes that you will see soon:

  • More interactive posts (using applets)
  • A shift the focus from middle school mathematics to high school mathematics particularly Precalculus and Calculus
  • GeoGebra Tutorials and Pages updates
  • More apps,  games, and resources

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Math and Multimedia turns 6

Math and Multimedia turns 6 today. This blog started in 2009 in and since then has been updated at least three times a week. Mathematics and Multimedia is a blog that discusses mathematics concepts from elementary school mathematics up to university mathematics, provides suggestions and tutorials on how to use multimedia materials and apps in mathematics, and share useful teaching and learning materials.

As of today, Math and Multimedia has 1152 articles and has garnered 2.3 million page views. Below are the most popular posts in terms of number of shares.

  1. 14 Useful Sites on Paper Folding Instructions and Origami Tutorials
  2. How to Construct a GeoGebra Heart Graph
  3. 7 Extraordinary Mathematicians You Should Know About
  4. 15 Math Pickup Lines to Try This Valentine’s Day
  5. The Explanation to the Infinite Chocolate Bar Trick
  6. 10 Notable Mathematicians Who Died Young
  7. 7 Amazing Facts About Pascal’s Triangle
  8. 6 Prodigies in Mental Math Calculation Who Stunned the World
  9. TED-Ed’s Interactive Periodic Table
  10. 1300 Free K-12 Mathematics Lesson Plans and Activities

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Happy learning!

Happy Teacher’s Day!

Year 2014 in Review – The Most Popular Math Posts

It’s almost the end of the year and let me thank you all for reading Math and Multimedia. This year has been a very busy year, but we still learned a lot!

Below are the popular posts that discussed about content mathematics. These are the posts that discusses school mathematics and their applications. Be sure you don’t miss any of these posts. 🙂

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