What’s new and other updates

Here are some of the updates that I have made for the first quarter. I have found ways for you to follow the three blogs.

I. Mathematics and Multimedia

  1. I have split the Post List tab into three; I have created two more tabs- the Mathematics tab with all the math posts and the Multimedia tab for all the multimedia posts.
  2. The All for Free tab has been transferred here.
  3. I will be hosting the 10th edition of the Mathematics and Multimedia Carnival. To submit your articles click here. I am looking for new hosts. Those who have hosted before are welcome to host again.

Ways to follow/share Math and Multimedia

  • Follow Math and Multimedia on Twitter
  • Like the Math and Multimedia Facebook Page
  • Subscribe to the Math and Multimedia’s RSS Feed
  • Subscribe to Math and Multimedia by Email (see side bar at the right)

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