Invitation to the Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival

Hi guys. I am happy to announce that I will be hosting my own blog carnival — the Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival. M&M Carnival will include K-12  topics in mathematics. Although, any math  topic is allowed, the following topics will be prioritized:

  1. connections between and among different topics in mathematics as well connection of mathematics to other fields
  2. use of mathematics in solving real life problems
  3. clear, non-bookish conceptual explanations of mathematical concepts, particularly those which are hard to teach and difficult to learn
  4. integration of technology in teaching mathematics
  5. introduction of new software and Web 2.0 technologies
  6. software reviews and tutorials

Please spread the word. The first issue will be posted on July 12, 2010.  To submit your article, click here.

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14 thoughts on “Invitation to the Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival

  1. Something to consider: Since the Carnival of Mathematics runs the 1st Friday of every month and Math Teachers at Play runs the 3rd Friday, you may want to set up your carnival to alternate with these on one of the even-numbered weeks. Also, if you contact Mike, he may add your carnival to his What is a Maths Carnival? post.

    Also, you’ll want to keep an eye out for spam, which has become a huge problem on the carnival website. If you go to the “Instacarnival” and click “Edit”, you can mark submissions as spam. That is *supposed* to keep that person from submitting to your carnival in the future. Of course, spammers frequently change their names and email addresses, so I’m not sure how well it will work. Still, anything is worth a try…

  2. Certainly—you’re always welcome to submit posts to all of the math carnivals! We just ask that you not submit the SAME post to each carnival, because that gets repetitive. The same people tend to read these carnivals, so we’d like to have different posts each time.

    For instance, my Hobbit Math post will be in the Math Teachers at Play carnival, so I would not also submit it to the Carnival of Mathematics or to your carnival. Each carnival has its own theme, though there is quite a bit of overlap. When I write about elementary/middle school math (which is most of the time, for me), I usually send that post to MTaP. If I wrote about mathematics in general or about more advanced topics, I would send it to CoM. And if I were to write about technology, I would send it to your carnival. If I ever start posting more often, then I might send articles to all three of the carnivals…

    Also, we would appreciate if you encourage your carnival hosts to include a link to the most recent of the other math carnivals each month. It’s a way we try to support each other.

  3. Thanks, that’s a great idea. Anyway, it’s just a start of my carnival so I am accepting almost all submissions. But sooner or later, I am going to make it thematic or each month has its own theme.

    By the way, I have also created a post containing links of all your math carnivals. I am going to post it next week. As you have said, this is one way of supporting each other.

  4. Be careful about limiting carnival posts to a certain theme! Getting submissions is hard enough without such limits.

    What I meant by theme in this case is the overall feel of the carnival, the type of people who tend to submit to it: Carnival of Mathematics gets more college-level stuff (even though it’s not limited to that), MTaP gets plenty of games and classroom lessons, and your carnival will probably get more technology articles.

    I have a lo-o-o-ong email called “How To Host a Blog Carnival” which is loaded with advice gleaned from experience. If you’d like to avoid some of our past mistakes, I can send you a copy of it. Just write me a request.

    • Thanks for the reminder. I can’t open the link that you have me, it’s opening MS Outlook. I don’t really use Outlook cause it’s a bit prone to viruses. Could you please forward the article to my email ( Thanks in advance.

  5. The link should open in whatever is your default email program. You might want to check the default settings on your computer and adjust them.

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