What is a Blog Carnival?

Since I am posting a blog carnival on Monday, I will give an overview of the basics about blog carnivals especially to my Filipino readers.

A blog carnival is simply a collection of related blogs summarized, collated, and annotated in a single document by a carnival host. A carnival host is either a blogger, a web designer, or a wiki host.

A blog carnival is like a magazine where writers submit articles and hope that they are accepted and published. Once accepted, they will just wait for the magazine to be published.  The advantage of submitting an article to a blog carnival is that, once accepted, it increases the number of readers or the number of hits.

Blog Carnivals are not just hosted by a single blog. They are usually rotated about a group of bloggers. I am hosting the Mathematics and Multimedia Carnival for now, but after a few months, I am opening it for other hosts.

For more information, there is an article entitled What is a Maths Carnival? at Walking Randomly.

If you want to submit articles, choose among the three carnival hosts below:

1.) Mathematics and Multimedia, click here to submit articles.

2.) Let’s Play Math, click here to submit articles.

3.) Carnival of Mathematics at CTK Insights. click here to submit articles.

Note: Please do not submit the same article to more than one blog carnival.


Photo: Newberg Old Fashioned Festival by StuSeeger

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