On the Manila Hostage Incident

I would like to personally apologize to the family, kins and friends of the Hong Kong nationals in last Monday’s hostage incident in Manila.  It has really taken a lot out of me in the past week.

We know our apologies would never be enough to alleviate or take away the pain that our countryman has caused you, but we want to say it anyway. Many of us are as sad and as disappointed as you.

My sincerest apologies and deepest condolences.

To my fellow Filipinos:

We will live our life only once.  I hope that we live it for the benefit of others, for the honor of our country, and for the glory of God.

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6 thoughts on “On the Manila Hostage Incident

  1. Kind words Guillermo. Every country has it’s own problems which do not reflect the views and values of the vast majority of people who live there. Everywhere I have been in the world I have met kind, generous people who are just trying to get by, enjoy life and do their best for their children. I’m sure people in the Philippines are exactly the same.

  2. I agree with you Mr. Bautista, As Filipinos it is or duty to extend our deepest apology to the people of hongkong, not only for the for what capt. mendoza did, but also to show the world that we filipinos have humility and protect the honor of our sacred philippines.

    • Thanks Charles. Captain Mendoza was a desperate man. Although I condemn what he did, I don’t condemn him as a person. He must have been hurt so much and confused to do such a thing. After all, who would want to hurt innocent people?

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