How to Host The Mathematics and Multimedia Carnival

The Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival is now open for hosting.  Although this article is for hosting the Mathematics and Multimedia Carnival, this is what usually happens when you host other blog carnivals. Some of the ideas in this article were abridged from Denise of  Let’s Play Math, one of the partner blogs carnival of Mathematics and Multimedia (MnM).

To those who are planning or are interested to host, you may want to read and bookmark this article.

A. I want to co-host the Mathematics and Multimedia Carnival. What should I do?

1. Go the MnM carnivalschedule, click the future hosts tab (see figure below), and choose a month available for hosting that is convenient to you.

2. Email me at that you want to host the carnival. To save time, indicate the following information:

  • The address or URL of the blog, wiki or website where you will host the carnival.
  • The month that you would like to host.
  • The email where you want the blog carnival submissions to be sent. We will refer to this email as your submission email.

3. Once approved, I will inform you that I received your email. You need to verify that the data is correct, especially the email address. This is to avoid mistakenly sending submissions to other people. Once verified, I will enter your schedule in the blog carnival database and email you once it is done.

Note that since the MnM blog carnival is a monthly carnival, I can only accept one host per month. In case you run out slots, Let’s Play Math and the Carnival of Mathematics are also welcoming hosts.

B. My hosting request has been approved, but I will be hosting a few months from now. What should I do while waiting?

Since MnM is a monthly carnival, the least time that you would be waiting for blog submissions is one month. While waiting for submissions, you can do the following:

1. Announce and Advertise. Notify your readers that you will be hosting the Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival. You may want to copy and post (or re-blog) the MnM Blog CarnivalCriteria for Selection of Articles in your blog. This will inform your readers in advance what types of articles are accepted, and will give them time to write articles which will fit in the criteria if they are interested to submit.  Of course, no one will prevent you from collecting articles earlier.
2. Support Math and Multimedia. I will consider all blogs which will host the Mathematics and Multimedia blog carnival “partner blogs.” Needless to say, the host of the MnM blog carnival will draw a considerable number of readers.  Of course, I would appreciate if the host would help promote Mathematics and Multimedia, and would announce every time a MnM blog carnival issue is posted.

3. Scout for fillers. Scout and bookmark articles for possible inclusion in the carnival in case few bloggers submit.

C. It is my hosting month. I am starting to receive blog submissions. What should I do with the submitted blogs?

You have an entire month to collect submissions. All submissions will be sent to your submission email, once after the submission deadline of the previous carnival issue has elapsed up to the deadline of submission of your carnival month.  Here are the things that you should do.

1. Copy and post TheMultimedia Math CarnivalCriteria for Selection of Articlesinyour blog. This isthe Call for Submissiontemplate, an announcement that you will be hosting the MnM Carnival for the month. It contains all the necessary information about the blog carnival. Of course, you are free to create your own announcement if you are not happy with the template.

2. When a blogger submits an article, information about the submitted blog are stored in the MnM account in will inform you through your submission email that a blog has been submitted. The email contains all the necessary information like the title, author, and link about the submitted blog.

3. See if the blog fits the TheMultimedia Math CarnivalCriteria for Selection of Articles.  If not, you can inform the author that he may want to submit another article or he may want to submit his article to Math Teachers at Play or Carnival of Mathematics.  If the submission fits, inform the author that his blog has been accepted. If you’re too busy, a “Thank you” would suffice.

4. After reading the submission, you may want to create a 2-3 sentence description about the blog, although you also have the choice to do it shortly before your deadline of submission. Do not forget the name of the author and the link of the blog in your description.

5. Watch out for Spams. Ignore and do not reply to submissions that promote nursing colleges, masteral degrees, or other articles which are not related to the criteria of the carnival. They might  contain spams or viruses.

D. My deadline of submission has elapsed. What should I do with the submitted blogs?

  • Compose  your carnival draft. There is a two-day interval between the deadline of submission of blogs and the post date, so you have two days to summarize the blog.  After the deadline of submission has elapsed, Blog will send you a reminder about the carnival.  This contains various links about the carnival and the most important among these links is the InstaCarnival page which contains the summary of all the entries. You may want to copy it and paste in your word processor or in a new post. You can use it as outline, but you won’t probably use it as is. Try to add a little spice to make the summary fresher and more appealing. Use your creativity to  make it more interesting.


  • Beautify your post by selecting appropriate pictures. You can click here to use pictures without copyright, but do not forget to attribute and link once you use them. These pictures are protected under Creative Commons .
  • Post the carnival on the indicated post date. There is a 2-day interval between the deadline of submission and the post and the carnival’s post date, so you have two days to summarize the carnival.  If you can’t post on the indicated post date, kindly inform me and your  readers.

That’s it. If you have more questions about hosting the carnival, you can post it in the comment box below.

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