IMPORTANT: To all readers and subscribers

Hi everyone. Due to the growing number of articles in this blog, I am trying to “declutter” Mathematics and Multimedia. My apologies if in a few days you will be receiving post lists. If you have noticed, few changes were made:

  1. If you look at the tabs, there are two more tabs – the Mathematics and the Multimedia tabs.
  2. I have hidden the Best Posts and Future posts. I will create lists of top 10 posts (by number of hits) and top 10 posts (by rating) this early April.
  3. The link of All for Free tab has been changed. Please update your bookmarks.

IMPORTANT: To all RSS Subscribers

I might transfer to soon.  If I do this, the RSS feed may be changed. To avoid complications later, as early as now,  kindly change your RSS feed to

This will also give me an idea of the number of RSS subscribers.

Thank you very much.

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