Subscribers: Math and Multimedia is moving to a new server

Finally, Mathematics and Multimedia is moving to a new server on May 27, 2011 (May 26 in America). All Twitter, Facebook, and Friendfeed subscribers are not affected; you will still continue to receive post updates after the transfer. Also, the URL of Math and Multimedia will not change, it  will still be

Who are affected?

The following subscribers will be affected after the transfer.

1.) Subscribers. Unfortunatley, those who have blogs and have subscribed to Math and Multimedia via their Dashboard will no longer receive automatic updates after the transfer. I will move to Godaddy via WordPress’ guided transfer (that’s US$119.00; donations via Paypal at the right side bar are welcome), since it’s harder to transfer a blog than to create one. I created School of Freebies, by the way, in Godaddy.

2.) RSS Subscribers. Those who are using the following rss feeds (the old ones) will no longer receive automatic updates:

What should affected subscribers do?

To affected subscribers, you can do one (or more) of the following:

1. To subscribers, the easiest way to continue your subscription (even after the transfer) is to subscribe via email  (see SUBSCRIBE BY EMAIL box at the right).  I will transfer your emails to a new database once the blog is moved.  If you are not comfortable with email subscription, you can also read the 7 ways to follow Math and Multimedia, and choose a subscription type convenient to you.

2. To RSS subscribers, to continue your subscription even after the transfer, please be sure that your RSS feed is

3. Email me at and inform me that you want to subscribe.

Thank you very much. 

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