Conrad Wolfram: Teaching kids real math with computers

This is a brilliant talk by Conrad Wolfram on using computers in teaching mathematics.  This talk describes the problems in mathematics education nowadays: the wide gap between math taught in schools and math in the real world, misconceptions about the use of computers in teaching math, the wrong emphasis on the teaching calculations, and many more. Wolfram also has several suggestions on how school mathematics should be taught nowadays.

A must-see for math teachers and math educators.

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6 thoughts on “Conrad Wolfram: Teaching kids real math with computers

  1. Nice talk. I don’t agree totally with Wolfram, and suppose he is also speaking as inventor and provider of one of the leading computational tools. Using his own analogy of driving and servicing, perhaps one of the problems nowadays is that people do NOT no anything about car technology. In what way is that democratizing? Also, the part on procedures improving insight, and Wolfram’s connection to programming, calling it that way, is far-fetched. Programming introduces a new syntax, which is not necessary, the syntax is the mathematical language. It’s about algorithms, both programming and math. Finally, rooting for real world maths is probably influenced by too much emphasis on procedures. In the Netherlands real world mathematics (RME) is quite popular…leading to its own dynamics, now with people rooting for….more procedures.

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