Blogineering: Our new blogging tutorial site

Blogineering is a new blog that Riley Ayes and I created for helping new bloggers start and grow a blog. Riley (my best friend in High School) is a civil engineer, so it is pretty obvious who thought of the name.

If you search the word ‘blogineering’ on the net (we actually never knew that such word exists before we thought of the name), you’ll find that it refers to blogs about science, engineering, and technology. However, we are giving it a new meaning. We combined the words blog and engineering to refer to ‘creating and growing a blog systematically — that is engineering blogs.’

Blogineering is systematically creating blogs and taking into account the mathematical, and scientific considerations. In Blogineering, we will teach you a lot of things on how to grow and promote a blog.  Aside from the guides that we write about, we will also share to you tips on how to experiment (that’s the science!) and use statistics to further popularize your blog (that’s the math!). We will even teach you how to use tools like integrating your blog to social networking sites. And  we will teach you all of these step-by-step.

We had been blogging for quite a while, and although we are not considering ourselves blogging experts, we are learning, and we are learning fast. Blogineering will be the documentation of the things that we learn in blogging.

So, if you are planning to start a new blog blog you may want to bookmark Blogineering.

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