The Moebius Noodles Project

Maria Droujkova of Natural Math, who has been teaching parents for several years to do advanced and fun math for young children, has recently launched a project called the Moebious Noodles, a free book and community for parents and educators for children from birth to five. Here’s an excerpt about the project from its website.

The project, starting with the book, will build a community providing peer-to-peer support for parents in ways not currently available elsewhere. From responses from our pilot tests with local math clubs and online parent classes, we expect users of Moebius Noodles to significantly change their approach to early education and their very definition of what mathematics means. We start with the existing parents’ needs and wishes which we have studied and analyzed. We address those, but take them to the next level of mathematical sophistication.

You can help the project by donating  here or spreading the word.  Please tweet, spread on Facebook, or repost.

Thank you.

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