Month in Review – October 2011

It’s a sad news that Grandma passed away last week. Before I go to her wake, let me introduce the first Month in Review, a new monthly post that will summarize the month’s most popular posts, carnivals and other announcements. 

Popular Posts

The October Carnivals

Notes and Announcements
  • GeoGebra 4.0 now available!
  • Starting next week, I will be revising my GeoGebra tutorials to the GUI of GeoGebra 4.0. 
  • I am accepting guest posts and carnival hosts. 
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Free Graphing and Grid Papers

If you are looking for a printable graphing paper, you may want to check out Incompetech, a website that offers more than 50 graphing and grid papers in downloadable pdf format.

Graphing papers include various styles: square, triangular, hexagonal, polar, circular, brick, asymmetric and more.

October 2011 Week 4 Post List

Mathematics and Multimedia

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