Geom-e-tree: A Tree Drawing App for Curious Minds

Recently, I discovered an interesting iPod/iPhone/iPad application via Math 2.0 Group.  It’s called Geom-e-tree, an app for creating fractal-like trees. The app allows you to grow and change your tree, morph in real time, increase the number of branches, and more.  You can also save your trees and share it with others.  The video below is a sample of a morphing fractal created with  Geom-e-tree.

By the way, Geom-e-tree is not a free app.

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3 thoughts on “Geom-e-tree: A Tree Drawing App for Curious Minds

  1. While Geom-e-Tree is not free, the junior version, Geom-e-Twee, is is free! Twee is has fewer themes, but can send and save twees just like Tree. (Tree also has the ability to keep trees you create in an “Arboretum”, so you can revisit them any time.) Enjoy! — From the author of both apps.

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