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51 thoughts on “Introduction to GeoGebra

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  2. How do I draw a number line . I mean a pair of one axis. For example I need only a x-axis and not a y-axis

    • Right click the blank space of the drawing pad, select Graphics view from the context menu. This will display the Graphics View dialog box. Be sure that the Axes tab is selected, then select the y-Axis tab (that is a tab with in a tab), then remove the check from the Check box button and click the Close button. Hope this helps.

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  7. Could you make all tutorials available on pdf format, please? I would like to print them all so that I can try one by one without having to flip from one screen to the programme screen and vice-versa. Many thanks.

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  10. I should like to have you talk to school teachers whom I plan to introduce GeoGebra. Please add Skype name: sebastianpanakal as your Skype contact and let us discuss about it.

    • Hi Sebastian,

      Thank you very much for inviting me. I would love to talk to your school teachers, if time will permit. We have a lot of deadlines this month.


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