iPad App for Teachers: My Blackboard

When GeoGebra announced the GeoGebra for iPad, I became an iPad user after a month — yes, I’m excited.  Since then, I have been exploring a few apps which I will share with you from time to time.  The first app that I share with you in this post is a very simple one: My Blackboard. 

Image Credit: http://myblackboard.mobi/ipad/

As the name implies, My Blackboard is an electronic version of a real one. It is a realistic chalk board with 8 colored chalks and a sponge eraser. It has the basic functions which includes  undo, redo, save, and erase at once.

My Blackboard can be a good substitute for an actual blackboard. iPad users can use a stylus and use My Blackboard during lectures and presentations. For mathematics teachers, My Blackboard can be used for manual computations.

The coolest feature? It has chalk sound effects and if you erase the writings with a wet sponge, you can watch the blackboard dry.

To have more features, you have to upgrade. For more features, please visit the official website.

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