Off Topic: Fellow Filipinos, Typhoon Victims Need Your Help

Every year, an average of 20 typhoons pass our country leaving millions of dollars damage to crops and infrastructures and thousands of lost lives. The most recent of these tragedies was by typhoon Pablo who left about 600 dead and more than 800 missing in Mindanao (one of our three large islands). Yesterday, according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the victims queue up begging for food (read full article here), some of whom eating whatever edible they could salvage.

I appeal to fellow Filipinos around the world to kindly donate to the flood victims. This way we could share our blessings to our fellow men who are in dire need as of this moment.

To those who are willing to donate, please go to the ABS CBN Foundation or GMA Kapuso Foundation. I tried to search their website if they have a Paypal account, but it seems that they have none [sigh].

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