6 Awesome Sites for Learning Number Properties

It’s 2013! Do you want to know what is so special about the number 2013? Or, maybe it’s not just 2013 that you want to know about.

number properties

If you are fascinated with number properties, I’m sure you will be delighted to visit the sites below. Each site contains a list of positive integers and interesting facts about them.

  1. Wikipedia List – A list of integers and their properties. Some numbers are missing, but the information on each entry are probably the most comprehensive compared to the 5 other listed sites.
  2. Number Gossip – Enter a number and the site will tell you its properties. This site is maintained by Tanya Khonakova. Ms. Khonakova welcomes contributions from mathematicians and mathematics enthusiasts.
  3. Wolfram Alpha – A powerful computational search engine that tells properties of numbers and performs a wide variety of calculation. I have created a more detailed description about it, or if you want to have more information you can visit its Wikipedia page.
  4. What’s Special About This Number? — A list of special properties for numbers up to 10,000.
  5. Positive Integers – A site containing information about numbers from 1 up to 1 million. The site also displays the integer’s divisors, its properties, its Roman Numeral equivalent, and its equivalent in number bases from base 2 (binary) to base 36.
  6. Number A Day – A site by the Mathematical Association of America.  The site posts numbers every working day and offer a selection of that number’s properties.

Image Credit: pshutterbug via Flickr

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