6 Awesome Sites for Learning Number Properties

It’s 2013! Do you want to know what is so special about the number 2013? Or, maybe it’s not just 2013 that you want to know about.

number properties

If you are fascinated with number properties, I’m sure you will be delighted to visit the sites below. Each site contains a list of positive integers and interesting facts about them.

  1. Wikipedia List – A list of integers and their properties. Some numbers are missing, but the information on each entry are probably the most comprehensive compared to the 5 other listed sites.
  2. Number Gossip – Enter a number and the site will tell you its properties. This site is maintained by Tanya Khonakova. Ms. Khonakova welcomes contributions from mathematicians and mathematics enthusiasts.
  3. Wolfram Alpha – A powerful computational search engine that tells properties of numbers and performs a wide variety of calculation. I have created a more detailed description about it, or if you want to have more information you can visit its Wikipedia page.
  4. What’s Special About This Number? — A list of special properties for numbers up to 10,000.
  5. Positive Integers – A site containing information about numbers from 1 up to 1 million. The site also displays the integer’s divisors, its properties, its Roman Numeral equivalent, and its equivalent in number bases from base 2 (binary) to base 36.
  6. Number A Day – A site by the Mathematical Association of America.  The site posts numbers every working day and offer a selection of that number’s properties.

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8 thoughts on “6 Awesome Sites for Learning Number Properties

  1. Excuse me,I know I haven’t spoken to you in years,especially my last request for the epsilon-delta discussion,nevermind that,I have mastered it.What I haven’t indeed master is sketching functions(trigonometric,and other elemental functions) in 3-D,I was wondering if you may demonstrate me a tutorial or perhaps examples on how to graphicate tridimensionally.Thanks

    • Hi Gian Carlo, I have limited my blog to high school mathematics for quite a while, since and haven’t really touched topics in undergraduate mathematics. Posting topics like that will take time (I have to review those stuff) and that’s the thing I don’t have right now. I’m sure you’ll find some reference somewhere. 🙂

  2. I find “What Special About This Number?” very useful. I can use the number facts in my lessons for grade school math. The list of websites in your article is highly recommended for high school math teachers so that they can inject unusual and interesting facts about different numbers as they use those numbers in class. Having this kind of article online definitely saves time for the busy teachers like me. Using the information from these websites can help improve students’ interest about numbers and math.

  3. Hi Teacher Guillermo! I guess I will never look at numbers the same way again. Your post has made me realize how unique each number is. I especially like Number Gossip. These sites encourages students to look at lessons lightly, without compromising your goals. Awesome suggestions!

    • Thank you teacher Ivan. Yes, this is one way to lighten up their view of mathematics — something fun and trivia.

  4. Wow so many interesting websites abroad that talk about number properties. I can imagine mathematicians having fun with it. I visited Number A Day site and found out about 972. It is also good to know that this site networks with one of the site you listed Number Gossip by sharing the information found in Number Gossip in their site. What a camaraderie between Math sites. I hope that we have the same cooperation amongst education bloggers here in the Philippines.

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