iPad App for Students: Matchmatics

Two weeks ago, I have shared to you Match Puzzle, and iPad app where the player takes away 1 matchstick to make the equation true. This week’s iPad app  is Matchmatics, another matchstick application where the player is required to move one matchstick to make the equation true.


Matchmatics has three games:  Classic Mode, Time Attack, and Speedrun.  In In Classic Mode,  a player is given an initial score of 5000 and that score decreases as he solves the problem. In Time Attack, a player needs to solve 10 problems in the least possible time. In Speedrun a player is given 60 seconds to solve each problem.

This game can be used by Grade schoolers for practicing arithmetic. One possible improvement that the developers can add is to place a “Skip” button (in Time Attack, in particular) so that the player can skip if he could not solve a particular problem.

Matchmatics is also available as on iPhones and iPods. It has a trial version and the full version costs $0.99.

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