Math iPad App: Hungry Fish

Hungry Fish is an iPad, iPhone, and iPod app for kids (or even adults) that can be used to help improve player’s skills in mental mathematics.

iPad App: Hungry Fish

The player is given a fish, a fish that is hungry with numbers that needs be to fed.

For young children, they have to match the numbers to the number on the fish. For advanced levels, the players must add two or more numbers to match the number on the fish. For example, if the fish contains 8, the player can combine 5 and 3 and feed the fish with the sum. Feeding the fish with the correct numbers can get the fish bigger.

If the fish reaches a certain size, bonuses that let the player customize the fish with new colors and fins are given. On the other hand, if the fish is not fed correctly, it gets smaller.

The game has 18 levels and the most difficult levels include addition of large numbers, faster pace, and negative numbers.

According to Hungry Fish’s official website, its learning goals are the following:

  • To develop fast, agile mental arithmetic
  • To learn there are multiple paths to add up to every sum
  •  To build automaticity in adding and subtracting positive and negative integers

Source: iTunes, Motion Math

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