Math Book: The Magic of Pineapples

William Emeny, a friend of mine who blogs at Great Maths Teaching Ideas has written another great math book titled the  The Magic of Pineapples: A Brain Tingling Adventure Through Amazing  Mathematics. The book highlights mathematical beauty through patterns, nature, and numbers. Mathematics students,  teachers, and enthusiasts who want to know more about the wonders of mathematics should definitely read this book.

Math Book: Magic of Pineapples

Among the topics discussed in The Magic of Pineapples are The Golden Ratio, exponential growth and decay, prime numbers, and Pascal’s triangle.

The following is the description of the book by the author.

Description by the Author

Ever wondered why some people say mathematics is beautiful? After reading The Magic of Pineapples you’ll agree with them!

Using simple mathematics that school kids can understand, The Magic of Pineapples takes you on an amazing journey that dazzles you with all the beautiful mathematics in the world around you.

How are children’s puzzles and patterns based on infinity related? What are the similarities in the mathematics behind the shape of tropical storms and how pineapples grow? Why is much of internet security built on one of the great unsolved problems in mathematics? The Magic of Pineapples explores all these questions and more, finding unexpected links and fascinating revelations.

You don’t need to be great at mathematics to read and enjoy this book; you just need a mind open to the exploration of intriguing ideas.

You’ll never see the world the same again. You may even say mathematics is beautiful…

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