Math Problem Angers Parent

Take a look at a math problem that made a parent wrote a letter to the examiner. I don’t know what to say, but I think the parent has a point. đŸ˜€


Image Credit: Tickled

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5 thoughts on “Math Problem Angers Parent

  1. I think the parent definitely has a point. Teaching should be kept at easiest possible route.

    BTW, why don’t you have a facebook or twitter plugin to write comments, the way you had sometime ago.

  2. Dear Jack,
    You have been asked to carry out an inappropriate method. ‘Hopping on a number line’ can lead to effective mental calculation, but you never need to use it for subtraction. Do the inverse. Start at 316 and find out what you need to add to get to 427.

    add 300 = 416, add 10 = 426, add 1 = 427. You added 111, this is the difference.

    I think the examiner is trying to get you to explain in order to demonstrate understanding. What a terrible example to use!

    I feel sorry for your teacher if he is expected to teach this way and happy that I don’t teach Common Core.


    Surprised Maths Teacher

  3. The word problem is actually a simple question and a good one at that. If the student can recognize and explain the error, the student has demonstrated mastery of that skill. In the ” real world” no one is getting paid to simply add, subtract, multiply, etc. The math (calculations) one does is the work behind the problem, the solution, the explanation, etc. It never stands alone as a job. The calculation supports the oral or written argument to a posed scenario.

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