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  1. I always hated how all these so-called whiteboards are full of unnecessary features, buttons, plugins and such. Whiteboards don’t work like that and they are also harmful to the student’s attention – even to mine. The only free service I found practical and useful was https://ziteboard.com but no others since. Preschoolers easily figured it out under a minute and use it just as effective as we, teachers do.
    Btw, no. 2 – Web Whiteboard is totally useless. Don’t even bother spending time on it.

  2. Another one specifically designed for teachers is i3learnhub (app.i3learnhub.com).
    It’s a very complete tool including compass, ruler, geotriangle, often used shapes, backgrounds, integrated internet search for images, activities, etc. All of which makes it a very suitabel instrument for day to day classroom use.
    There’s a fully featured free version and several paid options. It’s a web app so no installation needed and it works on PC’s and tablets.

    • I am a math/physics/science tutor and I have tried lots of online whiteboarding tool, finally I found Ziteboard, the dream solution.

      I commend Ziteboard, especially the simplicity and ease of use. I particularly like the lack of clutter, ability to zoom and scroll easily, and the Sync Movements feature.

  3. Please also check out SpryCanvas: http://sprycanvas.com
    That’s a nice free collaboration tool.

    You can create a whiteboard session and invite your friends to draw and chat simultaneously (currently, the number of participants is not limited). You can also lock the canvas so that only you, as the session owner, would be able to draw – while others would only watch what you’re drawing.

    You can also set your own backgrounds, like your photo or other image file, and draw over it together with other users.

    The resulting picture can be saved at any time.