Video Series: Introduction to Higher Mathematics

I’ve been searching lately for videos on introduction to higher mathematics and I found one series which is particularly easy to follow and with excellent explanation. The video series is titled Introduction to Higher Mathematics by Bill Shillito.  The series discusses the topics like logic, set theory, relations and functions, modular arithmetic, etc. which are  needed before taking a mathematics  course. I have already watched seven of these videos and I highly recommend them especially for Grade 12  and undergraduate students who are planning to take or already taking  mathematics and computer science courses and related fields.

Below are the titles of the videos in the series.. 

1.) Problem Solving 101
2.) Introduction to Proofs
3.) Propositional Logic
4.) Proof Techniques
5.) Set Theory
6.) Predicate Logic
7.) More Proof Techniques
8.) Relations
9.) Functions
10.) Number Theory
11.) Modular Arithmetic
12.) Infinity
13.)Construction of the Real Numbers
14.) Topology
15.) Sequences and Functions
16.) Group Theory
17.) Rings and Fields
18.) Morphisms
19.) Epilogue

Have fun learning.

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