CK-12 Lessons and Videos for Elementary School Math

If you are familiar with the CK-12 Foundation, then you are probably familiar with the free resources that they are offering in science, mathematics, and other subjects. Most of these resources are in Grade 6-12, but recently, they have starting adding materials in lower grades (see Elementary School Mathematics).   Included in the resources are videos that tackles mathematical concepts. For example, the video on Using Cubes and Creating Place Value Diagrams  introduces the concept of place value using cubes that are grouped into hundreds, tens, and ones. After the video, the students can answer questions in the assessment section. One sample question about the lesson above is shown below.


via CK-12 Foundation


CK-12 Foundation offers K-12 resources for FREE in Mathematics, Science, English, History, Astronomy, Engineering, and SAT Preparation.

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2 thoughts on “CK-12 Lessons and Videos for Elementary School Math

  1. Dear Guillermo Bautista
    My name is Allen Berg, I am a retired classroom teacher but still an active creator of fun curriculum resources using; They were bought by a large corporation recently and now have a different membership model: free wikispaces are still available for people in Education, everyone else has to pay a minimal amount based on the size and type of organization they are (non-profit or for-profit etc.)
    I am currently updating my HS Geometry Adventure wikispace (which is fun for me) and am looking for classroom teachers who could use it for free with their students. If you know anyone who might be interested, please share the link with them.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Allen Berg

  2. Guillermo,
    The CK-12 Foundation is one of the corporations set on the elimination and privitization of public education. They may have some good resources, but their goal is to take public education monies so that their executives can have nice salaries.

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