Revisiting Khan Academy After Four Years

It was four years ago when I discovered Khan Academy, which as far as I can remember a Youtube channel with more than a thousand videos. If I am not mistaken, it was only then managed by Salman Khan, it’s founder.

A year ago or two, when I searched the internet, I learned that Khan Academy has already its own website and it is run already by a group of educators. Three weeks ago, I started using the website. As of this writing, I have already watched 29 videos (oh yes, I watched them from start to end) and earned 56,340 points. 🙂 

khan academy

As of now, Khan Academy has already its own curriculum allowing users to learn mathematics at their own pace and recording their progress. At first, the website assesses your skill by letting you answer a few questions. It then suggests exercises/problems that you should answer based on what you have already learned. These exercises/problems have their corresponding videos which you can watch in case you don’t know the topic or you have already forgotten. For those who want a more systematic learning, you can watch the videos in chronological order or by topic.

Watching the videos and answering exercises/problems lets users earn points. These activities let the website to record the skills that you have already mastered or those you need more practice. The dashboard let’s you see your overall progress like the number of videos watch, the number of points, and how many percent of the skills of a particular subject/topic you have already mastered.

Although I haven’t tried yet, you can also log in Khan Academy as a parent and as a teacher/coach where you can help students learn and monitor their progress.

Now, Khan Academy has expanded its scope to Arts and Humanities, Economics and Finance, Computing, and College Admissions.


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