Lesson Study Book 2: Learning More Together

Two years ago, our institute, the University of the Philippines National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development (UP NISMED) published Lesson Study Book 1  which details our involvement in Lesson Study in the Philippines. Last year, when I was in Japan, we also published the sequel of this book titled “Lesson Study Book 2: Learning More Together, Growing in Practice.” The chapters in this book document the actual study experiences of teachers and students that highlight teaching and learning of science and mathematics through inquiry based problem-solving approaches from elementary and high school levels. It also discusses some research results.

Below are the titles of the chapters in this book.  

  • Perspectives, Benefits and Challenges of Lesson Study
  • How Fair Testing was Brought to Light from Pupils’ Responses in a Science Lesson through Lesson Study
  • Students Answering Their Own Questions: Voices from High School Chemistry Classroom through Lesson Study
  • Identifying and Addressing the Challenges of Instructional Materials Development and Inquiry-based Lesson Implementation in Elementary School Science Teaching through Lesson Study
  • Science Teachers Discourse Practices: Its Implications in Students Asking Questions Spontaneously
  • Teaching Pearson r: Reflections on Piloting Lesson Study in College
  • Three Teachers, One Lesson on Teaching Trigonometry through Problem Solving in a Lesson Study
  • Mathematical Examples, Tasks, and Talk: A Discursive Lens for Studying and Crafting Lessons
  • Enhancing Teachers’ Self-efficacy through Modeling-based Lesson Study

UP NISMED started Lesson Study in the Philippines in 2006 and has collaborated with many schools all over the Philippines. Research results had been published in international journals and had been presented in APEC Lesson Study, World Association of Lesson Study, and other conferences all over the world.

Lesson Study Book 1 and 2 are available in the UP NISMED Bookstore in University of the Philippines (Diliman Campus).

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