Take Notes and Scribble with Inkflow Visual Notebook

I usually solve problems and organize my thoughts by taking notes  while on the go, so I have been looking for a free note taking, scribbling, or doodling phone application for some time. I have downloaded and tested several applications, but I was not really satisfied by any of them.

A week ago, I purchased Inkflow Visual Notebook for iOS and I’m very happy with it, although I personally think that $7.99 is quite expensive. What attracted me the most is its ink which really feels like a smooth fountain pen.

Inkflow is simple but user-friendly. For example, its selection tool, is very handy to use: select the part that you want to edit and two icons appear which allow you to easily enlarge, reduce, or rotate the selection. Also, Inkflow uses vector graphics, so the ink stays sharp even if it is zoomed in. Further, I have not experienced any lag although I have not really created a lot of notes yet. 

ink flow

Image Credit: iTunes

If there’s one thing that needs improvement in this application, the eraser should be on the top menu and not on the pull-down menu.

According to its iTunes page, below are some of the features of Inkflow.

  • Inkport (import images)
  • A full color palette that can be customized
  • Pencil, eraser, paint brush tools
  • Copy, Paste, and Rotate Ink
  • Page Management
  • Notebooks with Unlimited Pages
  • Custom Paper Backgrounds
  • More than 500 fonts (on iPads)

The notes made in Inkflow can be exported as PDF and high resolution JPEGs. You can also share your notes via Twitter, Email, or with other applications.

Inkflow is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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