Guest Post: Combine Math and Excel on iPad with Image to Excel Converter

In today’s digital era, there are many helpful tools and apps that can give you a hand with handling different math assignments and tasks. The most common one and certainly the most used one is MS Excel. Even though the program in question is a pure classic, it facilitates and contributes a lot when it comes to various calculations and formulas. MS Excel acts like a super calculator and saves your time with both, simple and complex, mathematical operations. From summing, finding minimum and maximum functions, across calculating conditional statements, to computing statistics and more: let Excel do it for you instead of doing it manually.

Given that math calculations are mostly done in old-fashioned way on paper, it would be convenient to transfer them into Excel spreadsheet and in that manner to avoid rewriting all data by hand. Luckily, there is a useful app that can do all the tedious work. 

Image to Excel Converter enables you to take a photo of a paper arithmetic and convert it into editable MS Excel spreadsheet in order to work on them faster and more efficient. In that way it’s possible to combine traditional paper math and modern, advanced Excel functions. Besides, this valuable app offers:

  • Great conversion quality and good recognition of rows and columns
  • No restrictions on file size and number of converted files
  • Complex tables and screenshots can be converted too
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive design
  • Completely free of charge service

For example, you have different values written on a sheet of paper and you need to do analysis for a case study, in that case:

1. First download Image to Excel app
2. Then select Take a new photo option and take a picture
3. Just wait a little bit and you’ll have an editable Excel spreadsheet


To start calculating and applying diverse formulas, you’ll need an app that opens spreadsheets, such as MS Office or LibreOffice. Afterwards, playtime can begin and your task will be finished in no time. Don’t take it as cheating, it’s allowed to use by all means!

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