How to Generate Colored Latex For Your Blog or Website

Since I started this blog, I developed a habit of drawing my illustrations in bright colors. Recently, In my most recent post, I have generated colored Latex to hopefully further illuminate mathematical ideas. In this post, I am going to teach you how to generate it for your blog or website.

Colored Latex

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As of this writing, I believe that WordPress does not yet support colored Latex, so we will use latex generator. Here is a sample output of the colored latex generated from the mentioned site.  » Read more

Latex in Blogger: Another Alternative

Last year, I shared about writing latex in Blogger using Watchmath. Sadly, the server has been offline for a very long time.  I have also shared  about a Free Online Latex generator at, a good alternative.

Latex in Blogger (Online Latex Generator) has a WYSIWYG environment. You just have to choose the math symbol and it will automatically generate the Latex code. To embed the code in Blogger, just copy the HTML code to your post (be sure that you paste in the HTML  window).

Aside from embedding code in HTML, also provides embed code s for XML, phpBB, Tiddlywiki, and WordPress.

Using Latex in Gmail

To all math enthusiasts who are using Gmail, you can now use latex code to render mathematical expressions/equations in your email. All you have to do is to install the GmailTeX plugin.

Note: The inequality sign in the figure should be \geq instead of \leq.

latex in gmail

GmailTex is available as extension in Google Chrome (the browser I’m using).   It also works in the following browsers: Mozilla Firefox (version 3.6 and later),  Opera, Safari (version 5), and Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 9).

For the details on installation and usage click here or the link above.

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