Pi to 10 Trillion Digits

After more than a year of electronic computation, Alexander Yee and Shigeru Kondo finally reached 10 trillion digits of \pi. This was a follow up to last year’s computation of \pi up to 5 trillion digits.

The hardware used was a 3.33 GHZ-processor desktop with 96GB DDR3 RAM. About 44TB of hard disk space was used for the computation and another 7.6 TB was used to store the value of \pi. The program used was called y-cruncher (see details).

The Computer Used for Computing Pi to 10 Trillion Digits

\pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. ┬áThat means that if we have a circle, regardless of the size, and we divide the circumference by the diameter, the quotient will always be \pi or approximately 3.1416. » Read more