Brilliant: A Problem Solving and Competition App

Last September, I have posted about MathCounts Trainer, a math competition app for iOS devices. In this post, I am going to introduce to you Brilliant, another math competition app which is both available in iOS and Android devices.


Brilliant is an app created by intended to train users for problem solving, test preparation, and mathematics and science competitions. It has a wide range of problems in terms of difficulty ranging from basic concepts to Olympiad level. It includes problems in Basic Math, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, SAT, JEE, Physics, Computer Science, and Quantitative Finance.

In Brilliant, you can select the subject that you want to learn and choose the topic or level you want to study. It contains thousands of problems created by a community of mathematicians and scientists. Users of this app can participate in discussions, follow other members, and learn from the community.

Solve Physics and Math Problems at

I have shared quite a lot of sites in this blog about places where you can find challenging math problems for your intellectual satisfaction. In this post, I am going to introduce a website called, a problem solving website which provides different levels of physics, computer science, and math problems depending on solver’s ability.

Brilliant Physics and Math Problems provides different levels of physics and math problems, from practice to Olympiad level. Recently, it has also added problems in computer science particularly on data structures and algorithm. Math problems include challenges in algebra, number theory, geometry, and combinatorics. Physics problems include challenges in mechanics, electricity and magnetism.

Just like in other challenges and games, problem solved at have corresponding points. Players can exchange points for corresponding prizes. Players can also discuss problems within the website.